Public Utilities Management Company [k.s.c.c]  

About PUMC

Public Utilities Management Company "Kuwaiti Shareholding Closed Company" is one of the government corporate subsidiaries to the Public Investment Authority owned by 100%. The Company was founded in 1982, to diversify the internal investment in the State of Kuwait through the exploitation of some lands and state assets, diversify the national income, and to participate in the country's internal development.

The Company is specialized in the management, maintenance and operate of some "service buildings, commercial complexes, singles residential cities, multi- story and surface Car Parking Lots, historical squares and fields after upgrading those squares and fields until coincided with the state urban and economical development."

The company's core purposes

The Purposes for which the company was founded are "managing the property of others, and rental and leasing real estate."

Board of Directors

Chairman Dr. Mohammed Al-Abduljader Mr:
Vice Chairman Anas Meerza Mr:
Member of the board Nusaiba Al-Kharafi Mrs:
Member of the board Shurouq Al-Khubaizi Mrs:
Member of the board Fahed Al-Roomi Mr:

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