Car Parking Lots

This department is assigned to manage and operate the company's car parking lots and service centers in terms of "management, maintenance, development...

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The Services of Property and Studies Department

Property management, studies, operation and maintenance of the labor cities, which are (Shaddadiya workers city - Sabhan city - Al-Raqi city - Amghara...

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Public Utilities Management Company "Kuwaiti Shareholding Closed Company" is one of the government corporate subsidiaries to the Public Investment Authority owned by 100%. The Company was founded in 1982, to diversify the internal investment in the State of Kuwait through the exploitation of some lands and state assets, diversify the national income, and to participate in the country's internal development.

Years OfExperience
Parking Lots &Locations


Mission Statement

PUMC provides top-of-the-line facility management, maintenance and operation solutions according to international standards. By harnessing the power of state-of-the-art technology and following best industry practices, we offer consistently reliable services that ensure the safety, convenience and utmost satisfaction of modern users.

Vision Statement

At PUMC, we strive to become a regional benchmark in the total facility management field, while also being a key player in Kuwait’s economic growth and development, by optimizing the use of public facilities, contributing to the state’s income diversification plan, and introducing world-class technological solutions that transform users’ experiences.

Our Values

  • Professionalism in providing A+ services
  • Quality
  • Responsiveness
  • Innovation
  • Respectful of others


We can say that our wealth is our employees. and we thank them for their outstanding efforts that have contributed to providing the best services and gained us the satisfaction of the public. because they gave the company a strong motivation to continue providing its services distinctively. and our success would not have been possible without their sincere hardworking.

We promise the public to provide the best services and we will work to make our services easy to them by using ‘the communications network – the Internet’ to give clear information about our activities and our work through our website on the Internet. and to let it be a way for rapprochement between us and the community to offer them our services with the latest and easier ways.

Eng. Saleh Y. Alothman Chief Executive Officer