1. The company is not responsible for any damaged or stolen car or it's constituents inside the parking lot
  2. The company has the right to cancel the registration in case it has been proven that the subscriber has misused the card and it is forbidden to reimburse the registration's value
  3. It is forbidden to reimburse the cost of the registration in case the subscriber has requested it's cancellation
  4. Utilize the registration card to only park a single car and it is forbidden to use it to park more than one car all at once
  5. It is forbidden for the subscriber to give his/her registration card as well as give permission for others to utilize it
  6. It is forbidden to transfer the registration from one parking lot to another
  7. The subscriber cannot request entering the parking lot in case it was full
  8. The registration card does not enable it's subscriber to book a private parking lot and the parking lot is only present in it's available place
  9. The subscriber is allowed to enter the parking lot and leave it during the official parking hours which are (from 6 a.m until 10 p.m)
  10. In case the card got lost or damaged, the subscriber is held to issue the allowance value of the lost card
  11. In case of housing the car,the subscriber will bear the registration's value that will be dedicated by the company
  12. In case the contract ends, the company has the right to cancel the card without returning to the subscriber