The Public Facilities Management Company, on behalf of the Ministry of Finance - State Property Administration, manages and operates some state facilities, with storage areas of 500,000 square meters in Mina Abdullah Objectives Increasing and creating additional financial resources by providing promising investment opportunities for the logistics areas. Providing and increasing logistics storage spaces by creating the concept of smart stores. Establishing the infrastructure and a station for national industries to communicate and creating new export opportunities. Objectives and activity The storage space on the site will be used in two phases: First Phase: open area storage space. Second Phase: storage and refrigerated spaces.   Storage area specification Several 84 coupons were distributed as follows: - 5000 m 2 and its multiples with a maximum of 25000 m 2 - 61 plots. - 1000 m 2 for 17 plots. - 500 m 2 for 6 plots.   Allowed materials

  • New or usable cars.
  • Heavy material.
  • Building materials.
  Prohibited items for space storage
  • Substances that are prohibited by law or are flammable or explosive.
  • Inflammable materials or the general environment from a threat to security and safety.
  • Hard sand.
  Security and safety requirements in spaces
  • Industrial plant operating abroad
  • Health travel offices in post offices